Analyzing Themes In Book IV

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Brief Paper
Senior Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Packer
Eric G. Shuping
February 3, 2015

Brief Paper In Book XVI we have discovered the main plots of the story, which were Patroclus killing Zeus’s son, Sarpedon and at the end of the story when Hector fights and kills Patroclus, Achilles best friend and brother. At the beginning of Book XVI we find the Gods Zeus and his wife Hera, discussing whether they should save Zeus’s son Saredon, who is also a Trojan ally. Zeus struggles with the fact that he is not able to mess with his son’s fate to keep him alive, because he knows if he does this it will make the other Gods upset as well. “Son of Cronus, what a thing to say? A mortal man, whose fate has long been fixed, And you want to save him from rattling death? Do it. But don’t expect all of us to approve. Listen to me. If you send Sarpedon home alive, You will have to expect other gods to do the same And save their own sons – and there are many of them.” (Book XVI: lines 477-483). …show more content…

In his rage of grief, Achilles mother, Thetis hears and feels his pain. “Down in the water his mother heard him, Sitting in the sea depths beside her old father, And she began to wail.” (Book XVIII: lines 39-41). Thetis knows Achilles pain will lead him back into the battle against the Trojans. The fear of knowing that her son will die earlier than he should, shakes her. Thetis knows that Achilles will go back into battle to kill Hector for killing his best friend and brother, Patroclus. “He will be in pain, and I cannot help him. But I’ll go now to see and hear my dear son, Since he is suffering while he waits out the war.” (Book XVIII: lines 65-67). The goddess Thetis knows that she is not able to help her son from his suffering, but she goes to console Achilles while he is in grief and prays that she will be able to change his mind from going into

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