Analyzing the Internalization Strategy of ABI Construction Management Consultancies

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Executive Summary

The high level of competition as well as low profitability within the global domestic markets has seen several companies adopt an international expansion strategy so as to experience growth, development as well as increased levels of profitability. In this paper, we present an elaborate and well crafted internationalization strategy for ABI Construction Management Consultancy, a Singaporean firm seeking to expand its operations into the Indian city of Delhi. The paper presents a detailed analysis of ABI Construction Management Consultancy's internalization strategy. The company wishes to expand its operations from its current base in Singapore to India
The study involves a country level analysis (analysis of the target country), industry level analysis (real estate and construction industry) and company analysis (using SWOT and PESTLE analysis).The internalization strategy involves a detailed analysis of the Indian construction management and consultancy industry as well as the construction industry in itself. The corporation's entry mode is also discussed. This is then followed by a review of the challenges and opportunities that are part and parcel of the internalization strategy. A review of the institutional and cultural differences between Singapore and India is then presented in light of Hofstede's cultural dimensions and Trompenaars' seven cultural dimensions.
Key findings
India is a perfect investment destination in
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