Ancient Civilizations Of India And China

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Ryan Zorn Rachel Gatto Riley King Brianna Vinup Ancient India and China The ancient civilizations of India and China were possibly the most advanced of their time. Both countries had much to offer in that time including new technology, governments, religions, and items to trade. The two countries have and had had many similarities and contrasts. The geography of ancient India was a little different than what is to this day. The Himalayan mountains are located in the Northern part of India and the Hindu Kush are located in the North West. Three bodies of water surround southern India, the Arabian sea is to the south west, the Indian ocean on the southern side, and The Bay of Bengal to the southeast. India was extended more to the Northwest and west, in ancient times. Jungles, forests, and mountains are great examples of the geography of India. The Himalayan mountains still lay to the north. The Himalayan mountains were great to the development of India’s early civilizations. They provided a great deal of protection from military invasions. In the east and west other mountains also provided the same protection. Ancient India had some of the most extreme climatic and geographical features. China is located on the the continent of Asia. The civilizations began to form around the Yellow River in 2000 BCE. China’s culture is still the same but three other civilizations have gone away or been taken over. The southern region of ancient China was wet and tropical, the
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