Ancient Egypt : The Greatest Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest ancient civilizations in human history. Ancient Egypt was the longest lasting civilization in the ancient world and lasted for about 2,500 years. ancient Egypt was able to last so long because of their many great accomplishments. The most important thing that lead to the accomplishments and success of ancient Egypt was The Nile River. Ancient Egypt is often referred to as the “Gift of the Nile” because of how important the Nile River was to the success and longevity of ancient Egypt. Without the Nile River, ancient Egypt would have never been able to things like farm, use papyrus, build boats, trade or fish. The Nile River was the sole reason as to why ancient Egypt was able to become so successful.
There are many different areas that ancient Egypt excelled in to help make them successful. The reason that ancient Egypt was able to become so successful was the various ways the ancient Egyptians used the Nile River. Some of the ways the ancient Egyptians used the Nile River was as a water source for agriculture and as a way of transportation for trade.
One of the key areas that the Nile River helped develop in ancient Egypt was agriculture. The Nile River allowed for the Ancient Egyptians the ability to grow their own crops. The predictable annual flooding allowed for ancient Egypt to farm. In the article Sustainable Agriculture in Ancient Egypt, the author J. Donald Hughes states that “The sustainability of Egyptian agriculture was

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