Development Of Egyptian And Polynesian Civilizations

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Development of Egyptian and Polynesian civilizations. The development of as society is heavily influenced by it’s geography. Humans have always ben incredible innovators and highly adaptive. Our signature trait of adaptability is what makes it possible for different civilizations in different regions of the world to survive and develop over thousands of years. Egyptian civilization was influenced by the Nile river. The river was such a significant aspect of life that it became intertwined with religion. The areas in the Pacific were very different from the areas of Egypt. They had smaller areas to work with and no major river system to nurture them. Both civilizations used their resources to expand and thrive, some having more success than others. Egypt is the most iconic of the river valley civilizations and it is also one of the most significant civilizations of all. The trade mark of Egypt is the Nile River. It was the most Important part of the geography. The predictable and cyclical flooding of the Nile was what helped agriculture thrive in Egypt. Agriculture emerged in Egypt by 5,000 BCE. The flooding of the river acted as a perfect irrigation system for plants and silt that cam from the river was nutrient rich and helped grow plants at a great scale. Egyptian agriculture was so successful that there was a great surplus of food. Since the food was plentiful, the population expanded. Soon, advanced cities developed for large area trade. As social standing…
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