Essay on Ancient Egyptian economic surplus

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Effects of Economic Surplus: Egypt Ancient Egypt is such an interesting and amazing society to study due to the various factors that allowed the city and population to thrive. The culture, quite different to other cultures around the world in ancient times, developed quite unique traditions, technologies and ideas. Small features of this society including aligning the 4 corners of the pyramids and being able to divide the year into 365 days makes it truly fascinating, The main reason that this society was able to thrive and be successful can be attributed to the great Nile River. Due to this people were able to settle which lead to the creation of a surplus, which could be sustained for around 2000 years. How is the Surplus Created…show more content…
The Old Kingdom from Ancient Egypt was considered to be the most successful part of their history. The economic surplus was great and the Pharaoh was ruling all of Egypt successfully. This allowed the civilization to thrive and led to the construction of the great pyramids. However the people of ancient Egypt had the biggest roles in controlling the economic surplus as they grew crops and constructed buildings for the population to grow and flourish. Who Protects the Surplus? As well as controlling the surplus, the Pharaoh had the head duties of protecting it. The ancient Egyptians used many unique factors to help protect their civilization. Soldiers were used, much like in other ancient civilizations, to protect the Nile River, expand their land settlement area and support the rule of the Pharaoh. During the New Kingdom, Egyptian armies became a powerhouse and very active allowing for expansion. Ancient Egypt could be protected quite well due to environmental factors including the river and desert. The river being surround by 1000’s of miles of desert made it easier to predict where attacks may come from. The Nile itself was also be able to used thanks to its slow moving nature. This provided a great highway that promoted economic and political stability and uniformity (Lockard, 2011). How are those within the civilization who do not control or protect the surplus affected by it? The people within the ancient
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