Ancient Heroes Research Paper

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Ancient heroes had many common traits of heroism that we still see today. Throughout history there’s been many heroic figures like Gilgamesh, Cuchulain, Beowulf, and Hercules. They shared many qualities like strength, bravery, and determination. Many hero today still portray these features. A stereotypical hero in the past and today would have these characteristics, they’re basic traits a good hero should possess.
Strength is one of the most important/known traits of a hero in my opinion. If a hero wasn’t strong how are they suppose to help people? “One hundred and fifty hurling sticks came flying at [Cuchulain]. He successfully dodged every one….The five year old knocked fifty of the boys senseless right there on the hurling field.” (Cuchulain,
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If a hero isn’t determined to help people and do good, they won’t. Each hero from ancient history has showed determination. In Cuchulain, he was determined to leave and challenged his mother; “‘But if you don’t tell me, I’ll just start walking. I’ll take the first road that strikes my fancy. I might spend years lost along the way. But I’ll get to Emain Macha sooner or later” She knew her on was telling the truth. He was a very persistent child.” (Cuchulain, 126) “[Beowulf’s plan was to pounce, pin [Grendel] down in a tight grip and grapple him to death- have him panting for life, powerless and clasped in [his] bare hands, his body in thrall. But [Beowulf] couldn’t stop him from slipping [his] hold.. [Grendel] bought his freedom at a high price.” (Beowulf, line 963-973) Hercules really showed determination. Everyone knew that his crimes hadn’t been his fault-it was Hera’s vengeful actions. But Hercules somehow had to make amends. He was told by another god, Apollo to complete twelve heroic tasks for a Mycenaen king, Eurystheus, then he would be forgiven. These challenges were hard and it was unlikely that he would survive all twelve. But he was determined and completed all of them. He was so destined on being forgiven. He got absolved of his guilt and achieve immortality. Heroes have to be determined and know where they want to be after the challenges they face and that helps them get there. Determination is a great quality to
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