Ancient Nuclear Weapons (Indus Valley)

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A ncient A tom Bombs Ancient Atom Bombs Fact, Fraud, and the Myth of Prehistoric Nuclear Warfare Contents I. The Myth of Ancient Atomic Warfare 1 II. The First Ancient Atomic Bomb Theories 4 III. The Tesla Death Ray 13 IV. Big Theories, No Evidence 16 V. What It All Means 20 Works Cited 24 ANCIENT ATOM BOMBS? ● 1 I. The Myth of Ancient Atomic Warfare I N FEBRUARY 2008, GLOBAL DIGNITARIES gathered to inaugurate the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a repository for plant life designed to withstand nuclear war so survivors could restart civilization with healthy seeds. Magnus Bredeli-Tveiten, who oversaw construction of the vault, told the Associated Press that he expected it …show more content…

However, the authors’ 1979 book, 2000 a.C. Distruzione atomica (Atomic Destruction in 2000 BC), was not a scientific paper but another work of pseudoscience, ANCIENT ATOM BOMBS? ● 5 unrecognized by academia. There is to date no evidence of nuclear explosions prior to 1945. Instead, the earliest reference to prehistoric nuclear warfare appears to be the Soviet mathematician and ethnologist Matest M. Agrest, who argued in 1959 that Sodom and Gomorrah had been destroyed by nuclear bombs from alien spaceships. This claim was brought to the attention of the other side of the Iron Curtain through The Morning of the Magicians (1960), a French work by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier which outlined one of the earliest complete (nonfiction) versions of the modern ancient astronaut t heory (see my eBook The Origin of the Space Gods) and, on page 122 of the 1963 English edition, offered outlandish claims about ancient nuclear warfare. We will examine their specific claims about ancient India momentarily, but first we turn to the other alleged prehistoric bomb blast--the one from the Bible. Biblical Bombs Those who support the theory of ancient atom bombs tend to be believers in a lost civilization like Atlantis or in extraterrestrial intervention in ancient history,

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