Atomic Bomb And Religion Essay

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Tanecia Miller November 16, 2015 HUM2020 Johann Pautz Exam 1A: The prospect of the atomic bomb was considered to be problematic in the face of Judeo-Christian morality. What were some rationales for religious or moral opposition for the bombs? What influence did the possibilities of nuclear war have on religion and morality? Some rationales for religious or moral opposition for the bomb's is interpreted the development of the atomic bomb as being the end of the world. The destructive power of the weapon made possible the apocalypse prophesied in the bible. A Manhattan scientist wrote, "humanity stands on a tiny ledge above the abyss of annihilation.” In 1949 Baptist evangelist Billy Graham, conducting a revival in Los Angeles at the same time President Harry S. Turman revealed that the Soviet Union also possessed the atomic bomb, urged people to repent their sins immediately. Most religious interpreters viewed the development of the atomic bomb as an occasion for increased humility. Niebuhr stressed the paradox of the bombs development that the greatest technological achievement of humanity quite possibly could lead to extension. Richard M. Fagley, was a member of the Federal council of churches. He wrote “just a durable peace”, just two months after the bombs were dropped in Japan. The fate of the world, he said, depends upon the ability of the moral and religious forces. It led religious practionors in two totally different directions: toward moral judgement of self and regeneration and toward social activism to prevent any wars in the future. Those responses would be important in the future. Possibly becoming a permanent part of American culture as a whole. "As the power that first used the atomic bomb under these …show more content…

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