Compare And Contrast Mesopotamia And Indus River Valley Civilization

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Ishaan Sarfani The two ancient river valley civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Indus River valley civilization, prior to 600 BCE had many things that remained stagnant in terms of their cultures but also they had just as many changes. Due to New advances and by influence from other civilizations such as the Indus over Mesopotamia and vice versa this increased the amount of change a lot. As these river valley civilizations grew and developed they began to gain influence from other surrounding ones. In both societies religion played a crucial role in politics. Although there is no solid evidence to state that there was a formal style of governance in the ancient Indus civilization it is theorized that there was because of the mass amounts of public works that there are present which are found in the ruins of their civilization. So it is believed that the Brahmins is had some role to play in government. As the story goes in India there was a god named purusha who sacrificed himself in order to cease the caste system. Purusha's mouth became the people of the top caste called the Brahmins. These people were the priests. Next came the warriors known as Kshatriyas. They made up purusha’s arms. This system followed and continued as such all the way down to purushas legs where the artisans and craftsman were. In Mesopotamia there was a similar system to that of the Indus civilization’s the code of Hammurabi which shows us a glimpse into the Mesopotamians version of the case

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