Ancient Romans And The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was a very intelligent civilization, they were responsible for many astounding creations. They were very well-known because of their outstanding contributions to Architecture, like many immense buildings, canals, and entertainment centers, and several of them are still standing today. We can look around our modern cities and compare today’s architecture to that of the ancient Romans. The Roman civilization is known for its Imperial powers during the long reign in the ancient world. Some will remember ancient Rome as a barbaric society, because of modern idealization of gladiators and the Colosseum. However, Rome is no longer the powerful city, instead, what we can see in this new world is the immense influence of ancient Roman architecture in many of today’s structures. The Romans built many successful structures in their name as they greatly influenced the time in which they were constructed. Some of the most recognized and appreciated innovations were the aqueduct, the dome, and the invention of concrete. There are many reasons why the buildings were so accepted, mainly because of their unique successful techniques, and reliable materials. To start the Romans were a very developed society. Possibly one of most amazing structures was the aqueduct. The Romans built aqueducts to bring water to many towns and industries. The city of Rome had the largest concentration of water pipelines with 11 aqueducts built over five centuries, with a total length of

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