And the Bond Cannot Be Broken - Essay

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Daniel Fudge’s And the bond cannot be broken is a short story that conveys the concept of journey by encompassing powerful imagery to depict the harsh reality of the negative outcomes of journeys. The text explores this rather pessimistic journey by employing the use of rich and varied literary techniques and depicting the entire journey as purposeless.

A vast range of literary techniques is employed in the text, all of which contribute to exploring the negative outcome of journeys. Imagery is a predominant throughout the entire text, appealing to the auditory, olfactory, tactile and visual senses. This is highly effective in depicting the wild beauty and the horror of nature. Quotes such as “…the clouds brewing above and the dirt …show more content…

This endless cycle deepens the depressive mood of the text as it reveals the idea that despite how much they “struggle, there is no survival”. Also it also highlights the fact that this type of journey has been experienced many times before, evident by referring to the “four generations of powerful and unrelenting men”. The word powerful in the text is then contrasted later on when their efforts are depicted as futile

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