Open By Andre Agassi Essay

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Open by Andre Agassi
Through the eyes of an eight year old, Andre Agassi shares his private life and background of becoming a world famous tennis player, in his autobiography Open from 2009. Already from the beginning Andre Agassi narrates about the family’s more or less tense relationship to each other and how the tennis player’s career is affected of his social heritage. This is the three main themes Andre Agassi gets around in his story about his early life.
First, Andre Agassi tells about the grandmother’s relationship with the father, the mother and himself. There is a continuously negative and tense tone, and it is easy that the narrator does not like his father’s mother. He even says, “I’m only eight, but I’ll drive her to the airport myself…” followed with the …show more content…

Søren Kierkegaard’s father was a dark and tough man, who made Søren Kierkegaard notice the darker sides of life. It inspired him to create the philosophy he had. This is a bit like Andre Agassi’s father who also is a part of the reason why Andre Agassi ends up being a famous tennis player. His father is very negative and pressures Andre Agassi a lot. Søren Kierkegaard’s father is just affecting Søren Kierkegaard by his own way of seeing life, not by pressure. Also the two famous males have two more passive mothers.
As a conclusion of Andre Agassi’s autobiography “Open” one can say that the relationships between the generations is not as good as it could be. The grandmother harasses her son and this son and father pressures Andre Agassi. The relationships are very negative in a lot of ways, but either way it ended up shaping the world famous tennis player. This is also how his life and career has been affected by his social heritage. But that might just be the message; diamonds are made under

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