Andy Griffith: A Brief Biography

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Andy Griffith, the comedian who warmed your hearts. This iconic actor/singer was born June first, 1926; Mount Airy,North Carolina. He was also very poor when he was younger. He was so poor, he had to live with relatives, some of his life, really only three-to-four years. Because when he turned three, his dad finally got a job, as a carpenter and that’s when he started saving up for a house for him, his wife and his son.But until then he had to sleep in dresser drawers for beds because they didn’t have money for a bed either. His family was very down to earth people who were very funny, and had a good sense of humor. He was an only child, which was probably the best because they honestly, probably couldn’t afford another kid. So, Andy Griffith did go to high school and graduated, got a diploma and everything. He went to Mount Airy high school. Andy Griffith also went to college. He went to college at UNCC and got his bachelor's degree in music. He was at first going to get a degree in preaching, but something changed, and he changed his major to …show more content…

Something interesting about Andy Griffith is that president Bush awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. Andy Griffith also was on very very different types of TV shows, but what’s interesting is that he actually ended his acting career on a teen soap opera. Now that’s random. Andy Griffith said with his own mouth, that the “greatest honor he ever received was an eleven-mile stretch of North Carolina highway. Except for they renamed it and named it his name, “Andy Griffith” Parkway”. A little fun fact you probably didn’t know was that he was mile diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome where he ended up not being able to walk for seven months. Andy Griffith died of a heart attack, he was eighty-six years old when he passed on. He died in Manteo, Roanoke Island. When he started to get older, the thinner and thinner his veins

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