Andy Warhol 's Influence On Society

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Andy Warhol was a Commercial Illustrator, Artist, Filmmaker, and Author. Andy Warhol’s parents came from a village in the Carpathian Mountains, what we known as Slovakia. Andy was the third child born to his Czechoslovakian immigrant parents in a the social group consisting of people who are employed for wages in the community of Pittsburgh. Growing up, Andy was very intelligent and creative. By the age of eight years old Andy came down with rheumatic an abnormally high body temperature that caused him to be absent from school for approximately two months. During the time at home he spent it by reading comic books and movie star magazines while lounging around. By andy being exposed at an early age to the recent events made him have an…show more content…
In 1952, Warhol had his first solo exhibition at the Hugo Gallery. Afterwards, Warhol 's work was exhibited in several venues throughout the fifties. In 1953, Warhol produced his first illustrated book, A is an Alphabet and Love is a Pink Cake. With his thriving career as an illustrator, he formed Andy Warhol Enterprises in 1957. By 1960, Warhol had become one of the most successful commercial artists in New York. He drew with a unique and recognizable line; creating magazine illustrations, advertisements, book jackets, and album covers; but he had fine-art aspirations. Adopting images from popular culture, Warhol created many paintings that remain icons of 20th-century art. Warhol’s big break finally came in 1962 with a one-man exhibition at the Ferus Gallery, in Los Angeles. 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans was a creation of thirty-two paintings of soup cans, each a different flavor. In 1963 Warhol established a studio at 231 East 47th Street which became known as the "Factory." By 1964, the year he exhibited Brillo Soap Pads Box sculptures, he was being written up in Time Magazine, and the Pop Movement was born, dubbing Warhol the Pope of Pop. In addition to painting and creating box sculptures, Warhol began working in other mediums including record producing, magazine publishing, and filmmaking. His unconventional films have become classics of the underground. In 1968, Valerie Solanis, a periodic factory
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