Angels & Demons - 1 Essay

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Valerie Marica
THEO 104-D48
Reflection Paper
Angels are many times presented as being dressed in white flowing robes with halos and wings. They are usually depicted with long flowing hair and surrounded by bright white light. It is not unusual to see angels presented in movies, television and literature as taking human form and assisting people by performing various supernatural acts, such as flying or performing miracles. Angels are almost always presented as good and peaceful beings having been sent by God to assist humankind. These representations many times do not agree with scripture, but the overwhelming popularity of angels in our culture is undeniable. Demons, on the other hand, seem to be a topic
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It goes without saying that there are many many people who do not believe in God, yet they certainly believe in angels The idea of angels helps us to accept the reality of God and His Heaven. In our culture, where we tend to hear a lot about God and Heaven, the belief that there are angels who come from a place called heaven, helps us to accept the reality of the spiritual realm as well as accept the idea of God’s love and goodness. After all, if we believe that there are these creatures who help us and serve a gentle and peaceful ruler that we cannot see or hear, then He very likely is a loving God, as well. Thus, Heaven must be quite a place, since these spiritual creatures apparently live there.
Part Two The Bible talks about Demons mostly in the New Testament, predominanatly in the four gospels and the Book of Acts. They are spiritual creatures who are strongly associated with Satan and Hell, and they are usually assumed to be operating in evil ways in their attempts to afflict human beings in one way or another. Most people are hesitant to discuss or even bring up the topic of demons, and there are few who are neutral when it comes to these mysterious spiritual creatures. Yet, when asked, most would likely agree there since there are angels who are considerd “good”, they would agree that there must exist similar creatures who are “bad” or evil. Like angels, there are numerous reports of demonic activity. To be sure, many have insisted
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