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  • The God Of God

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    was the god of creation. He was round and monstrous in size. Nobody knows how he came to be, but nobody ever dared to question him about it, even when they were given the chance. This was because Mundo was rude and aggressive, but, contrary to what many believed at first, he still had feelings. Mundo began to feel very alone after the first few days of being by himself. He had nobody to talk to and began to feel very gloomy. Then he had the idea to create something to fix his loneliness: gods. If he

  • Lord God, God And God

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    the supreme being: God and Lord God. While God and Lord God both have immense power and the unique ability to create, they are separate characters with separate personalities. Lord God is like a Greek anthropomorphic god with human desires and limitations, whereas God is an all-powerful abstract being of pure spirit. Lord God, like a Greek anthropomorphic god, has a human form and body. We first learn about Lord God in chapter two, the second creation story. Firstly, Lord God “formed man from the

  • God Is The Way Of God

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    knowing that there is hope in front of me because God lives. God is the way to Heaven. Christianity is the way you understand and be like God. God is love. He is our creator that helps us understand not to hate which leads to following the Devil and not him. These ideas help us be more knowledgable that earth is just a temporary home and also that we are never alone for God is always with us. God is a, perfect king ("God is....") over everyone. God is the creator of everything. He fights battles for

  • The God Is Blessed By God

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    our lives we hear people saying, "God has blessed me" or "I am blessed" and most of the time the first thing that comes to our minds is success. We immediately relate blessings to something great. The most common understanding of what it means to be blessed by God is that we receive good things from Him. In this case, we can say that everyone, believes and non-believers receive blessings from God. However, we should ask ourselves this: are the blessings from God only limited to materialistic things

  • The Word Of God : God

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    that when God spoke for the first time, Life, in the form of an energy called light, illuminated the universe. In that moment of time, darkness was the present condition across the expanse. The darkness could not understand the light and thus fled as God expressed his sovereign will through the spoken Word. The declaration of His Word brought forth light. This original light inundated the cosmos with life. Therefore, we conclude that life in the universe exists by the verbal Word of God. The written

  • Greek Gods And The Gods

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    After Hephaestus falls out of Zeus’ good graces, Thetis is able to lend her helping hand, displaying the hierarchical dynamic between the gods. The gods are indebted to each other, the likely reason that Hephaestus felt as though he needed to make Thetis the ornate shield. The duty and obligation to each other fuels the mutualistic relationships between the gods. Thetis’ motivation to help Hephaestus was not solely out of kindness; rather Thetis saw the opportunity to make a strategic move and put

  • The And God

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    Western theistic tradition, the Christian God is conceived as a mysterious, supreme deity that is the only being worth of worship because He is “something than which nothing greater can be conceived” (Anslem 1033-1109). This God is the great architect of the universe whom represents the depth and complexities of human experiences. Such mystery is why writing about God is essentially writing about the complexities of human beings. This inconceivably complex God was researched in numerous biblical books

  • Is It A God?

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    Looking into the way of Buddha, he has reached this state of perfection and enlightenment on his own, not through a higher power. In many ways he fulfills the attributes to be a God, though, there are also numerous differences that do not suggest he is like a God. Buddha is claimed by many to be a teacher of the Gods. Throughout the teachings of Buddha he thought believing in a higher power is originated from fear. He wanted people to understand their fears, lessen the desire, and ultimately

  • God : Is God Responsible For Evildoing?

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    The phrase is God ultimately responsible for evildoing because evildoing is due to the God giving us free will I believe to be false. I don’t think that God is ultimately responsible for evildoing. I will be arguing that God is not ultimately responsible for evildoing and here is some reason that I believe this. The first reason that I belive this is I believe that like Augustine that there is no single cause of evil and that each one of us is responsible for the evil we voluntarily commit. I believe

  • God 's Image Of God

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    of God. Man, in his unregenerate province is hostile to God and is not able to accept theistic construction of God as revealed in the Word (1 Cor. 2 :14). Whether he is a good standing citizen, a notorious sinner, Negro spiritual cunctator , phallus of a church, a pastor, a minister – an unregenerate man, no matter what his occupation is, will not accept or understand the things of God. As a solvent , he will pervert the conception of the man nature, which includes the concept: image of God. Here