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Ignoring the past, allows for a cycle of oppression and intolerance, and is the action that restricts progress. When Louis asks the Rabbi if he could leave Prior for the better good of progress and the future, the Rabbi replies by stating he has no solution for Louis, because “Catholics believe in Forgiveness. Jews believe in Guilt,” so Louis, as Jew, will suffer by that choice (25). Although the Rabbi is simplifying both religions, guilt is based off solely regretting past doings, while forgiveness is based letting go of the previous wrongdoings for a better future. The two characters that identify as Jewish, Roy and Louis, are seen as rooting all ideas societies that exclude their identities. Louis, by idealizing past methods of progression, while Roy, completely blinded from the disease and issues arising in current culture. Both methods are obstructive, helping spread diseases, and containing progress.
Forgiveness and acceptance is the only way that tolerance and progression can occur. Harper represents another character who has a disease tied with her identity, but uses both the illness and the present to grow and positively change for her own well being. …show more content…

Individuals are only interested in progression when they face an obstacle that restricts their well being and aspirations as humans. The characters in the play, Angels in America, symbolize the many emotions that people who are faced with desperation and oppression go through. Kushner expresses the need for forgiveness and acceptance in a world filled with intolerance and regression, for communities and cultures to keep moving. The balance between acknowledging the bad and good of history and longing greater futures, is the only thing that carries humanity towards progress and advancement. “The Great Work” reflects all the characters emotions and stories, the inevitable push towards a better something, towards a painful

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