Anger, Friendship, And Loyalty In The Iliad By Homer

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The Iliad by Homer is one of the oldest literature of the western world, which depicts the tale of anger, friendship and loyalty. The poem takes us through the journey of a 10 years long war between the Troy army and Achaean army. The poem is mainly about Achilles, who is the bravest and strongest man in the Achaeans army and Hector, who is the leader of Trojan army. Achilles fells humiliated after Agamemnon takes back Briseis and due to this he seeks revenge from Agamemnon and refuses to fight against the Trojan army. On the other hand Hector is a warrior who fights against the Achaean army. Hector kills Patroclus who is a friend of Achilles, and due to this Achilles agrees to join the war and take revenge from Hector. Hector is a brave man
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