Anglo Saxon War Tactics

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During war the Anglo Saxons would use many different strategies’ to attack their enemies. Some of these strategies included ambush, attack and raid and pillage. Over time their style of fighting would change but it usually consisted of these battle tactics. People came about to know of the Anglo-Saxons war tactics because they were passed down and recounted through poems. The most common way the Anglo Saxon’s would fight and attack was a sneak attack. Anglo Saxon’s would attack the enemies resource and living areas. They would destroy their enemies’ homes and all their resources usually by burning them. Since the Anglo Saxon’s are from Viking descendant, they would raid the opposing people, destroy everything that they had, and would leave…show more content…
The huscarls would be at the front to shock the enemy's front line. The huscarls were trained soldiers and their loyalty was to their king. The king would feed and house the huscarls. Huscarls had to be wealthy so they could buy weapons, armor, etc. and have time to train. The fighting style was very effective and different. They were trained to use the long bearded axe or the skeggox. It required a lot of training for the huscarls to use these weapons effectively because of how heavy both of the weapons are. Part of using these weapons included learning to use your momentum and your weight to swing the weapons repeatedly and fast. Once they were trained in using this weapon, it was a distinctive but effective weapon at war for the time. Also, since Huscarls were a special guard to the king, they had special duties they had to perform unlike other warriors at the time. One of their duties of the Royal Guard included that they represented speaking for the…show more content…
It was considered a straight shot to heaven. You could not just intentionally get killed in the middle a war. You had to fight for your king as long as you could. Loyalty, honor, and fighting until you had given your last breath was part of getting to Valhalla. Being a warrior was very glorified during this time period. Warriors wanted that honor and were willing to die in battle. Many kings would pay the warriors with rings and gold. Not only was the jewelry valuable, but they often symbolized the warrior’s accomplishments and rankings. We see this practice even today with athletes getting championship rings like for the Super
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