Animal Control : Chad And Chad Essay

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Name: Matthew Langerman Introduction I. Attention Device-This is Chad before he was thrown away by his family. He was tossed away because there were bigger more aggressive dogs than him so he was useless to his owner. In one of his fights, Chad was bitten in the ear. After being tossed out by his owner his ear got badly infected. Chad was lucky. The neighbor knew what was going on in Chad’s owner’s house and called animal control. When animal control arrived, they took Chad along with the other dogs to the shelter. After spending some time in the shelter, Chad was adopted by his new loving parents. His new parents took him to the vet and got his infected ear taken care of. According to his new parents he has “a phobia of men and a big fear of strangers.” Chad has slowly improved and Chad taught his new parents a lot while giving his love back to them. This is Chad now II. Central Idea- Not only does owning pets like dogs and cats have benefits, but adopting pets from a shelter like Chad and not buying them from breeders has many other benefits. III. Specific Purpose- I know you might not of the time or

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