Animal Cruelty And Domestic Violence Essay

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While there is a common belief that Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence are two separate issues, but, upon closer investigation proves there is a prominent correlation between the two. Despite the whether you believe animals and humans should be given equivalent attention remains a debated subject.
Many people would answer that they should, as both human animals and nonhuman animals share many characteristics in the sense that they are both sentient living beings; both can feel pain, experience distress, and can die from injuries. Unfortunately, even after decades of research, there are many who simply continue to ignore that animals can have feelings; furthermore, many of these people continue to portray a cruel indifference towards
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However, his desire is beyond understanding the topic, which is why he collaborated with many organizations such as youth corrections personnel. The fact that animal abusers can get pets knowing that they are going to treat them badly may seem confusing and in-comprehensive at first, but the reason is the same as to why they end up mistreating them: control. Animal cruelty includes harmful behavior towards animals, from abandonment, to depriving an animal of food, to torture, and finally to malicious killing; it is obviously wrong, as it causes the suffering of a living creature. There can be many reasons as to why anyone would be cruel; the HSUS declares that “it is often committed by a person who feels powerless, unnoticed, and under the control of others”. Therefore, the motive may be to demonstrate rejection of society’s rules. In addition, animal abuse is usually a behavior performed to achieve a figure of importance by having a form of power over something which is weaker.. Anti-social behavior often leads to violence because an individual’s frustration seeks a release.
People may regularly hear statements that one’s childhood highly affects the psychological mind. In addition, many may believe that the damaging effects of child abuse are outgrown after childhood. Contrary to that statement, “the consequence is that many adults who were abused during childhood
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