Animal Cruelty Essay

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What exactly is animal cruelty? Animal cruelty is actually categorized into two types: neglect to the point of cruelty and intentional animal cruelty. Sadly, animal cruelty in general is very common in today’s society and due to lack of awareness, is not talked about enough. Interestingly, no one technically has the constitutional right to own a pet. In most states, animals are considered property. However, animal owners have certain guidelines which they need to follow. Owning a pet does not give a person the green light to beat or starve it simply because the animal is his or her property. The less severe of the two types of animal abuse is cruel negligence. For example, animals cannot be left to sit covered in their urine and feces. …show more content…

In most cases, a hoarder has good intentions. Hoarders want to save animals, but they end up multiplying the animals instead. Michelle Welch writes, “We have learned over the years to let hoarders keep two or three of the animals so they can have the companionship they seek” (Welch, 65). These cases are especially sad because of the emotional component with hoarders and effected animals, and how important it is for individuals with hoarding issues to get the proper psychiatric care. Welch also states, “It is critical that the hoarders get psychiatric treatment. In one particular case, the hoarder was standing barefoot in inches of feces” (Welch, 65). Although it is obvious that hoarders are generally mentally unstable, they, too, should lose their rights to own animals. After all, owning an animal is a big responsibility that some just cannot take on. Pet owning ethics should be primarily be focused on the owner meeting the needs of his or her pet, rather than centered around the emotional health of the owner. While the companionship of an animal could positively impact a person in this situation, the potential neglect and abuse to be suffered by these animals is unacceptable. Animal owners have a responsibility to care for and maintain the overall well-being of their pets. An interesting twist on this topic is that abused children often grow up to abuse and/or neglect animals

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