Animal Cruelty Persuasive Speech

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Did you know that under the Criminal Code of Canada under Section 445.1(1) any person who willfully causes or as owner permits unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal is held accountable. You should listen to my speech because it will explain to you why you should stand up against animal cruelty. I will try to persuade you with logic and you can make up your mind after listening. I believe we should side against animal cruelty because animals suffer serious bodily harm from the abuse, animals cannot defend themselves and people who commit animal cruelty usually commit acts of violence against humans. We should stop this so we can stop people from accepting and ignoring these atrocities as part of our culture.
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30% of children who see violence of the domestic kind display violence against the pets that they own. This statistic shows that if children are willing to attack animals than they are clearly physically superior to the animals that are abused. These animals cannot defend themselves like paralyzed people cannot defend themselves against able humans. It is a true cruelty and you should stand against it.
Third, abuse to animals is linked to criminal activities. Robert K Ressler, who has developed many profiles for serial killers for the FBI said, “Murderers ... very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” (Ressler, Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: Partners in Crime). This is true as a lot of serial killers’ experiment on their animals first. For example, Albert deSalvo, also known as the Boston strangler, killed 13 women. When he was a child he used to shoot dogs and cats which he had trapped with arrows. A serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer used to impale cats, dogs and frogs’ heads onto sticks. Dennis Rader, the BTK killer from Kansas, was found to have hanged a cat as well as a dog during his youth. Lee Boyd Malvo, a teenager who shot 10 people through the use of a rifle, was suspected of killing many cats with a slingshot at the age of
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