Animal Cruelty Should Not Be A Big Deal

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Animal Cruelty
Almesha Jones (Mesha)
Introduction and Background
All around the world, people are abusing animals. Animal cruelty is a big deal because some people do not look at animals as being important; some people do not see a problem with hurting them. Animal cruelty can be define as being a malicious treatment that can cause undue pain or being mistreated. Seeing an animal get brutalize by some humans seems to be cruel. Getting kicked in the ribs, left for starvation and even used for entertainment seems to be heartless. Why abuse animals when they have not done anything to harm a human. If one must see what they are really doing to these animals, then animal cruelty would not be a big deal.
There are two types of animal cruelty, “cruelty can be manifested in two ways: actively and passively. Active behavior includes ‘acts of commission. Passive behavior ‘includes acts of omission and negligence” (Tanner, 2015). Animals are very smart creatures, no matter their size or looks. Animals should not have to suffer from humans acts. Since animals have a failure of speech, they cannot speak for themselves, which means they are helpless to stop being abusively controlled by humans. Everyday animals in the United States and in other countries are abused and, neglected for no particular reason
According to Delaware law, ‘every act or omission to act whereby unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain or suffering is caused or permitted’ is cruel, and this includes ‘mistreatment

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