Animal Ethics Research Paper

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Hunting is our natural instinct which has been passed down from generation to generation. Since the beginning of time humans have hunted down animals for food which is seen as an acceptable norm in our society because animals fall under the food chain that is meant to be eaten by us humans. However, those hunting were done for our survival but nowadays it is for entertainment and to show dominance. Sports hunting is not only cruel but unnecessary because if we are to use an animal ethics than it falls under a negative aspect where we are killing innocent beings for our mere pleasure. Hunters kill endangered species and fail to realize the consequences or they just do not care. Philosopher Kant and Peter Carruthers stated animals are not rational …show more content…

Philosopher Peter Carruthers states that “Since human beings are all descended from rational agents, all human beings have the same basic moral right. Since no animals are descended from rational agents no animals should be allowed rights”. According to Peter Carruthers since animals are not rational agent they do not have morals they stand by and therefore, animals are nowhere close to humans and shall not be granted any rights. But what he failed to understand is that the only difference between animal and human is that human can use their brain to their best capability. However, animals defend themselves in order to survive and manage to keep their existence alive. As for humans they are provided with many different resources they can use to their advantage but animals, however, have to hunt down food and shelter. If humans support sports hunt and the cruelty then the veil of ignorance has been applied in their morals because according to animal ethics, the veil of ignorance is more justified as a way to get what people want (being ignorant). Just because Carruthers has mentioned that humans are rational agent does not justify our cruelty towards animals and the negative effect that causes in our environment. Humans, animals, and any other species are a balance factor that balances the order of the world. If animals are being hunted in the name of sports their declining existence would only cause a global problem. Being a rational agent we do not owe anything to these animals is what Carruthers believes but in reality, we owe these animals our apology for driving them to their extinction and hunting them down to show dominance and even worst killing them for money because a rhino horn and elephants trunk cost millions in the

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