Animal Experimentation Should Be Eliminated

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Is it really necessary to use and abuse animals in medical research? People’s opinions on this topic will vary but as strong as an opinion can be, there is more to it than just that. After reading a lot of different articles on animal testing, it has not been as beneficial to humans as we think. People misunderstand the cruelty and torture animals are put through in their lives, and are unaware or just simply don’t understand the procedures and techniques that they endure. Animal experimentation should be eliminated. Animal testing is unethical and inhumane and should be eliminated, seeing as there are safer ways to test products.
Innocent animals are locked inside cages in laboratories languishing in pain. All they want to do is roam free but instead they ache with loneliness. Annually over one hundred million animals are used for a variety of painful and torturous experimentations, also knows as vivisection, every year – without accountability. Animals used for experiments did not choose to donate their bodies to science. All they can do is wait for the next for the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them. Animals should not be experimented on because they are living, sentient beings. There are alternatives due to modern and up coming technology, and because the majority of what is tested on animals fails in humans. (The State of Animal Research) “Only approximately one percent of animals utilized in research are covered by the Animal Welfare…
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