Animal Farm And Fahrenheit 451

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Everything has an image. It varies depending on the figure or objects what this image might represent, whether it is something positive or negative, but nevertheless, every single thing has one. But what is an image? A common misconception is that image only pertains to the outward appearance of a particular object or individual, where in actuality, they depict certain ideas that are considerably more elaborate than just its physical attributes. Throughout all three texts, the competence of how authority figures are characterized, aids in forming people’s perceptions which has a compelling influence on who attains ascendency. In the allegorical novella, Animal Farm by George Orwell, it conveys Orwell 's perspective regarding communism…show more content…
‘It 's a rich people 's party.’ ‘Rich people go to Heaven too,’ said the girl, who studied religion at school. ‘Get away with Heaven,’ said the mother. ‘I’m going because I’ve been invited,’ she said. ‘And I’ve been invited because Luciana is my friend. So there.’ ‘Ah yes, your friend," her mother grumbled. She paused. "Listen, Rosaura," she said at last. ‘That one’s not your friend. You know what you are to them? The maid’s daughter, that’s what.’” (Heker 1)
This quote indicates the difference of wealth and superiority between Rosaura and Luciana. Even though Rosaura did not recognize it, Rosaura’s mother mentions “rich people’s party”, indicating how she could differentiate how Luciana associates in a higher social class than that of Rosaura. Due to Rosaura’s circumstances of poverty, she was deluded by Luciana, whose background is comprised of fortune and privilege, the intention of her invite. This contrast among an individual such as Luciana, who maintains a higher position within the hierarchy of wealth, dominate as they are prosperous and is considered to be superior to those who are not. Comparatively, in the denouement of Animal Farm, the pigs dine accompanied humans, one of which includes Mr. Pilkington where he delivers his congratulations: “‘If you have your lower animals to contend with,’ he said, ‘we have our lower classes!’”(Orwell 41). This congratulation explicitly confirms the scheme of the
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