Animal Farm By George Orwell

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When doing a class project and working with members it can always be challenging especially if you have two people with creative ideas and strong mindsets. One person may try to take over and put your ideas down. However, it is important to remain true to your own ideas and never give up just like the creator hero Snowball of the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Snowball was trying to convince his ideas of how the animal farm should be ran to the entire farm. However, Napoleon had others ideas that most of the time conflicted with Snowball’s. Therefore, Snowball is depicted as a creator hero. Snowball from Animal Farm is a creator hero, since he is motivated by creating the best animal farm; his character flaw is trying to create ideas that are justifiable, which causes him to struggle with trying to convey his ideas to the animals to obtain their favor over Napoleon’s,leading to his ordeal. First and for most, because Snowball is a creator hero he is motivated to create the best animal farm .For instance, the novel states that Snowball tries devoutly to establish his idea of the windmill to help get work done on the farm for the better of the entire group. This symbolic form shows that Snowball wants the system of the animal farm to run smoothly so that it can grow from what it used to be by creating this plan of generating more power. Additionally, it is seen that he accepts the idea of the windmill for himself no matter what others think. In another case, the author

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