Animal Farm Essay

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Eric Blair wrote “The Animal Farm” during 1945, which he writes about a dystopian society with animals. He makes connections to real world problems throughout the story. He refers to animals being human by making connections by forming a government, because it's in human nature to form any type of government. In this case, the animals form a democracy from the commandments they put in their constitution; with all the corruption it mimics a communist government. The corruption deals with the leaders taking advantage of the commandments by overriding them while the other animals have to obey them. The main characters were Napoleon, Snowball, Boxer, and Squealer which can be connected to real world leading figures. The author also put in …show more content…

Napoleon uses brutal forces, while Snowball relies solely on the force of his own logic and rhetorical skill to gain his influence. Snowball allows the superiority of the pigs, while Napoleon does not and wants the superiority for himself. Snowball is used as a scapegoat, such as how the media is today, by making a person seem worse than reality. Snowball, in this case, is the animal in crime since he left. He was blamed for all the trouble made. Today, we have our president attacking immigrants saying they are the reason for many of the country's problems. The media that is used makes the case seem more terrific than it actually is. Snowball gives an image of hope that has gone bad. Snowball is blamed for the problems he didn’t cause. Boxer is described as a hard working but lacking in wisdom and ignorant horse. Boxer worries about the farm, but he's not smart enough to put together that the enemy is Napoleon. Since he isn't a bright horse, he doesn't think for himself; he decides to be loyal no matter what to follow the party as in, Communist party line. After Snowball is sent into exile, Boxer tries to think for himself and make his own decisions but he can't come up with anything besides, "If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right," (Orwell). He takes up a new personal motto: "Napoleon is always right" (Orwell). This shows how Napoleon used manipulation to make the animals fall under his command. Due to Boxer being ignorant, but

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