Animal Farm Purpose

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George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm, was his very first piece of political writing. On the surface, this novel is about a group of miserable and mistreated farm animals that overthrow their neglectful owner; they take control of the farm. However, it too is a political allegory mainly focusing on the Russian Revolution. Orwell wrote Animal Farm in response to what had occurred in the Russian Revolution. Seeing how the people were being manipulated over for their freedom, he decided to write about these events through farm animals. The author's purpose for writing this novel is to warn his audience that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly. Orwell's intent in fusing political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole, was truly …show more content…

After Animal Farm was published, his audience was left with many questions and no answers to the reasoning behind Orwell's thoughts. In response to all this confusion Orwell wrote "Why I Write." This autobiograpjical essay is about the evolution of his writing career. The author's purpose for "Why I Write" is to provide a deeper understanding and reasoning for the messages his art contains. Orwell created non-fictional text to expose the truth behind his fictional works. Orwell's artistic purpose for animal farm was to create a story that played out the events that once occurred in the russian revolution. He intended the message to get across that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely for anyone. His political purpose was to show how wrong totalitarianism could go. In "why I Write" orwell stated, "every line of serious work that i have written since 1936 has veen written, directly or indirectky, agaisnt totalitarianism and for democratic socialism..." The author is saying that his true works of art, like Animal Farm, all have been written agaisnt totalitarianism. Animal Farm truly is a novel written agaisnt totalitarianism which make it a political novel. What the author tried getting across to his audience is that all the events that played out in Animal Farm are to be always …show more content…

Perhaps orwell wrote this political essay as a form of explaining why the events in Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution were able to happen. He explains how power can be so easily taken by manipulating others with just words. Orwell's purpose for " POlitics and Language" was to criticize politicians for using these methods as a form of manipulation; he also uses this essay as a form of advice to politicians. We know what his artistic purpose was, for animal farm, and what his political purpose was too. He was in fact successfull in fusing these 2 in his novel. In Orwells political essay he stated, "But one can often be in doubt about the effect of a word or phrase..." The author is saying that one can be so unaware of what words can do to people. Or how words can be a weapon. In Animal farm he showed how just words based on lies gave power to one. Totalitarism grew from these lies. Using Napolean, from Animal Farm, Orwell was able to represent the effect totalitarianism has on a

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