Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick

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Often times, people think of animals as another member of their family. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Every year, there are nearly one million animals getting abused and suffering at the hands of human beings. Animal cruelty occurs when someone harms or ignores an animal purposely. “The most common types of abuse are neglect, hoarding, shooting, fighting, beating, etc” (Humane Advocate N.p.). There have been cases in which justice has been served, such as the case of Michael Vick. Sadly, there are many cases in which justice is not fully served. However, there are organizations that are committed to helping these innocent animals such as Peta, to end animal cruelty. Based on studies and animal shelters, it is evident that animal…show more content…
One specific one was the case of Michael Vick. Michael Vick and three of his friends were caught and charged because of illegal dog fighting. (Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick). The organization that Vick ran was called the “Bad Newz Kennels”( Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick). “ Within the Bad Newz Kennels, Vick and his associates housed and trained over fifty pit bull dogs, staged dog fights, killed dogs, and ran a high stakes gambling ring with purses up to $26,000” (Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick). “On April 25, 2007, the police investigated Michael’s house and found 54 dogs that had some scars or injuries, a blood-stained fighting area, and performance-enhancing drugs commonly used to increase the fighting potential in dogs, as well as to keep injured dogs fighting longer” (Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick). Michael Vick was charged with VA Code Ann. § 3.1-796.124, and VA Code Ann. § 3.1- 796.122(H), and sentenced to up to twenty-three months in prison and a three year probation (Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick). Bringing this man to justice helped to shed light on just how serious animal cruelty
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