Animal Liberation By Peter Singer: Article Analysis

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By giving animals and plants the same rights as humans, we could curb the threat to our environment and create a world of abundant resources. However, this is an extreme measure. Humans are at the top of the food chain and need animal protein to be healthy. We need to find a middle ground where the environment has rights, but we can still consume meat. On our current path, humanity is taking a dangerous turn towards destroying natural resources. This will not end our plant, but it will end humanity. As seen in Bolivia, climate change is affecting crops and lives. Plants that once produced fifty beans now produce two to three (Bolivia). Furthermore, majestic glaciers that have stood for thousands or millions of years have disappeared, …show more content…

If the destruction of the planet we live on is not enough, the fact that we are killing the very things we need to survive is. In addition to creating climate change, we have violated animals with the creation of factory farming to feed the unsustainable overpopulation of our planet. Peter Singer in his work titled “Animal Liberation” discusses the abhorrent way humans treat animals and the considerations of feeling pain. He goes on to discuss the idea of speciesism which is “the belief that we are entitled to treat members of other species in a way in which it would be wrong to threat members of our own species” (Singer). Both of these sources make a compelling case for why humans should treat plants animals and other natural entities with the same respect we treat ourselves with. Indeed, Singer points out that “[j]ust as we can understand infant human behavior in the light of adult human behavior; so we can understand the behavior of other species in the light of our own behavior” (Singer). It is a conscious choice we make to that other species are less than us. He detailed the horrific treatment of animals used for testing including a cat the received an injection in the brain and died a painful death thirty

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