Animal Products Is An Integral Part Of Society

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Green and Clean Pleasant aromas waft through the air as steaks sizzle gently on the grill; the sight of this tender, juicy meat placed amply upon a serving dish incites salivation and eager anticipation. Consumption of animal products is an integral part of society; its grasp is deep, not only at a primal but also at a psychological level. We all have happy memories and positive associations with Grandma’s pot roast or Aunt Sue’s Thanksgiving turkey. But how often do we stop and think what we are putting in our mouths may be creating a potentially negative and lasting effect on the world we live in. Our daily consciousness is consumed with the hustle and bustle of life, leaving us scarce little time to worry about seemingly…show more content…
Industrialized nations, specifically, the United States must stop the tragic damage being done to the planet: noxious gases released into the atmosphere, contamination of vital water resources, annihilation of once lush, verdant land, in addition to millions of wild animals being displaced, disheveled and often killed, this exploitation cannot continue if we wish to see a vibrant future on this planet. Is there a way we can help our world heal? Can we in part, contribute to the alleviation of the burden our globe finds itself bearing? Perhaps, if each individual would examine his or her eating habits and implement small earth friendly change, the tide could turn toward a positive rejuvenation of the environment. We have one planet on which to live, to care for, and to pass on to future generations; thoughtful insight and consideration is warranted to secure its vibrancy and life. It is imperative to look at alternative, healing ways, to turn earth’s grim prognosis around. Attempts made to decrease greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture would be costly and significantly impact budget constrains across the nation and would not stop the climate change from occurring anyway as cyclical change is inevitable in the Earth’s environment. Many worry about the monetary impact that aiding the environment would create. Stopping to
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