Animal Rights And Animal Abuse

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Animal rights and animal abused
William Dudley stated “Humans feel pain and have rights; Animals feel pain; Therefore, animals have rights.” Animals are unique creatures that have a right to live, especially animals are part of nature. Although some animals are nearly extinct due to habitat destruction, for example, humans eliminate forests to have more land or to desperately have cities. Animal rights are increasing the support not only to help animals, to surely help the earth. Studies have developed many ways to support animal rights; For example, many organizations such as The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, The American Humane Association, and American Anti-Vivisection Society has given protection for animals. These organizations believe animals have emotions and are to be treated correctly. Animals are meant to have rights and should have support. If animals are being used as medical research, livestock, and entertainment, it will lack the number of animals.
Scientists use mice and rats for medical research, since mice and rats are not protected under the Animal Welfare Act regulation and the United States Department of Agriculture does not require rodents to be registered. Also animals are used in livestock to help humans to have beneficial products. Lastly animals are used as entertainment for example, zoos, aquarium, and horse racing. The top arguments about animal abuse are how animals are used in medical research, livestock, and

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