Animal Rights Essay

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The rights of animals and their role in society is a topic that is constantly considered, but is never known how the problem can be solved. The dictionary definition attempts to explain it with “the rights of animals, claimed on ethical grounds, to the same humane treatment” (“Animal Rights”). For animals to have humane treatment, is an endeavor to give them the same rights as humans. People want animals to have rights to make sure that they aren’t abused and mistreated, but having the same amount of rights as humans is just unnecessary. Animals such as pigs, chimps, and cows can’t have the same rights as us because they are NOT us. It does not make sense why we should give human rights those that are not human. However, it would be …show more content…

Cruelty to animals certainly is morally wrong, but we need to just let humans be humans, and animals be animals. We do not need to give them the same responsibilities, and if we did, another huge loss would be all the meat that would be taken away from human consumption in our daily lives. What people tend to look over when arguing how much better the world would be without animal consumption, is how much the world actually depends on animals for their economy and way of life. According to NPR, an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization, “nearly 30 percent of Earth's ice-free surface is devoted to livestock production, while only 8 percent is devoted to crops consumed directly by people”(Gleiser). This 30%, of course, is coming from places like Africa that doesn’t have the farmland that is required for vegetation. Animals are a huge part of how humans live their day-to-day lives, and it would be devastating if that was taken away from us. Animal’s sole purpose has always been to assist animals and help our survival, never to be seen as an equal to us. Morality tends to block out the truth on how much humans depend on animals because of the fear of how much harm we cause them. However, when it comes to choosing between a human or an animal life, everyone can agree that humans come first, as we are the dominant species. When

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