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There’s been a significant amount of legislation passed into law based on honoring crime victims in Tennessee. Some of these include the examples I listed above, which include Amelia’s Law, the Kelsey Smith Act, and Erin’s Law. There are many more to include the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Acts, Victim’s Rights Photo Act, Mabry Kate Webb Act, and Dustin’s law, even though this particular legislation has been delayed being passed into law.

Honored victims are not always human; they can include animals as well. Although the T-Bo Act was passed more than ten years ago, it involved the death of a Tennessee Senator’s Shih Tzu named T-Bo (Animal Legal, 2017). The State of Tennessee honored this pet’s death, caused by another …show more content…

This potential law will allow those drivers under the influence of methamphetamine to face vehicular homicide charges (Graves, 2017).

The nature of the victim’s situation seems to be the amount of attention giving to them as compared to the past (Karmen, 2015). Historically, the defendant was provided with the bulk of attention from the many different media outlets (Karmen, 2015). Investigating the defendant’s background and theorizing possible motives to commit the crime as well as what possible punishments may be imposed was good for business (Karmen, 2015). However, as of late, the media has a newfound love for bringing much attention to the victim and covering their story (Karmen, 2015). The media had directly changed the nature of the victim’s situation (Karmen, 2015). By including their story, it brings the incident full circle and seems to be a recipe for success in pleasing the readers and viewers as well as maintaining peak interest as the case unfolds (Karmen, 2015). This platform provides a direct line of communication with the people to express their side and possibly influence changes in society and the criminal justice system (Karmen, 2015). This change in media attention does not always receive the support of the victim or their family & friends. There are many who feel the media sensationalizes the story only for personal gain and presents documentation to the public without regard to personal feelings of the victims and

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