Animals Of The Desert Is Not The Only Thing They Excel At

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When one imagines the master of survival, a camel just might come to mind. After all, these tall, lanky creatures are known to be one of the few animals to survive in the harsh conditions of the desert. The camel may come off as an awkward animal, but it is truly a professional when it comes to adapting. These adaptations are what make this mammal unique from all others. However, surviving the intense heat of the desert is not the only thing they excel at. These magnificent beings lack predators, can travel long distances, and produce various products, such as fiber, meat, and milk. It is amazing to think an animal this incredible is not a primary livestock species in America. After all, the camel has numerous products and could benefit farmers immensely. Thus, camels should become a commonly used animal on farms all across America and utilized for their milk, meat, labor, and companionship.
Even though there are, as stated by the Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals, a total of six camelids, two of which are the Bactrian and dromedary camel, the most useful of this group is, “the domesticated, one-humped dromedary” (“Camels and Llamas”). Humans tend to rely on the domesticated dromedary camel for food, wool, fiber, and labor rather than the wild Bactrian, who has not yet been tamed. The most distinguishing difference between the Bactrian and dromedary is that the Bactrian has two humps while the dromedary has a single hump centered on its back, but other characteristics of

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