Ann Davison Research Paper

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Ann Davison was the first women to sail the Atlantic Ocean single-handedly on her boat, Felicity Ann. She was lived through 1914- 1992. She departed on May 18, 1952 in Plymouth, England. She arrived in New York, NY on November 23, 1953. On the fifth day she was found her boat was full of water and the bilge pumps were clogged. "Anyone else," she wrote, "would have pulled up the floorboards, baled the ship out, cleared the pumps, found out why the water was coming in and taken steps to stop it. I did none of these things. They never occurred to me." Instead, she got towed by a passing fishing boat, going to France, taking 5 days to make it just across the English Channel. Davison traveled about 20 miles a day which is why it took her 254 days
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