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Rhetorical Analysis

Anna Quindlen describes in the essay “Abortion is too Complex to Feel one Way About” the different situation that we as a human race are put in everyday. She talks about the topic of abortion in a way that one feels they have had to make the decision of whether or not a person is pro-choice or pro-life. She uses references that are of different personal experiences in the essay that are vital to the audience. Quindlen is writing to state her point that one should never put their self in this situation because one should take the proper responsibility. In this paper you will read about the conflict with abortion and what Quindlen thinks about this issue.
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Evidence stated in this essay is less than what one would think because when this issue is usually discussed the writer lets their emotion over run the issue. She uses her family enough to let her audience know that she has a little credibility with the situation. Asking her husband a question about what if she accidentally got what would he want her to do? He says “and waste a perfectly good human being”(628)? He said this being sarcastic and really meaning that even though they might struggle with having a third child that they would still keep it and love it as much as their other children. She used her husband to show that the choice is not just for the female but for the male also.
Her third strategy used is ambiguity. When legally we have the right to say yes but morally, is this the right decision to make? The right to choose is a choice that she has already made but she chooses to stay behind both sides of the lines depending on what situation the person is in. Allowing her audience to choose without her having to drive a certain side into their brains. This choice should be made before we are put in to this situation before we decide to lye down with that person or before we even think about that person in a sexual way, but our society today thinks after and not before. Quindlen lets her audience know that it is not easy raising children even when you think it is the right situation or the

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