Annabel Chapter Summaries

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In these few chapters, we get to know the true story of what happened to Annabel at the party. She starts to think about it when she hears rumours that Emily slept with Sophie's boyfriend Will Cash. She hears two girls from the model agency while she is preparing for the Fashion Show talk about it. She tries to ignore it but she can’t. She sees Emily when she arrives to the show and she looks terrible everyone starts to look at Emily but Annabel doesn’t say anything. She knows what type of guy Will is and he isn’t a good one. She remembers that summer night when Sophie, Emily and her were still best friends. Emily and Sophie were together almost the whole night because Sophie wasn’t feeling like doing anything because of a fight that she had with Will a couple of nights before. …show more content…

Annabel couldn’t believe what had happened she wants to explain it to someone or talk about it. Instead she stays quiet and doesn’t tell anyone because she is afraid that people were going to look at her in a different way and if she wanted to tell someone it was too late. Sophie had already spread the rumors that she wanted and no one was going to believe her. After Annabel stops thinking about the worst night of her whole life, she starts thinking that she has to tell Owen. He thinks that she is an honest person that isn’t afraid of confrontation, but she knows that even though she wants to be that person she just can’t. Annabel sees Owen after the fashion show, they were going to see a band. Owen notices there is something wrong with her because they have become really close lately. She tries to tell him because she knows it’s the right thing but she can’t. Annabel is afraid of telling him what happened that night and what he might do to Will. Annabel leaves the concert without saying anything to Owen, she knows that what she did is wrong he deserves an

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