chapter 3 and 4

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Guided Reading Questions: Chapters 3 and 4
These questions are meant to serve as guide to help you pick out the most important information. Answer these questions to the best of your ability. Bulleted lists are acceptable as long as they consist of more than a few words. These concepts should be well thought out.
Chapter 3
“Global Competition and the Expansion of England’s Empire”
“Origins of American Slavery
“Colonies in Crisis”- Choose only one sub-topic
“The Growth of Colonial America”
“Social Classes in the Colonies”- Choose only one sub-topic
1. How did the mercantilist system work? Explain how the “mother country” benefited from having colonies.
a. The government was in charge of all economic activity the
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b. The migration took an important part on the diversification, English was the first, they promote the migration at the beginning and almost 90% of the population was from England, The German migrations helps to the diversification, the was persecuted because religion differences.
c. The Indians were another groups in the colonies, some treated like slaves and in other places as a refugees, but part of the diversity.
d. And the most important group the blacks, they came to America to work and many lost their right, they have an owner.

Chapter 4
“Slavery and Empire”
“Slave Cultures and Slave Resistance”
“An Empire of Freedom”
“The Public Sphere”- Choose two sub-topics
“Imperial Rivalries”- Choose only one sub-topic
“Battle for the Continent”- Choose one sub-topic and read the “Colonial Identities” sub-topic
5. How was the slavery system developed and perpetuated in the British colonies? What purpose did it serve?
a. The slavery was developed because that was a very good business for all the parts involved
b. The slaves were used in plantations basically sugar, rice, and Tabaco.

6. How did the slaves develop their own culture independent of the colonists? What did they do to fight their enslavement?
a. ff
7. How did England
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