Anne Hutchinson And The Puritan Movement

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Anne Hutchinson was a religious leader who was born in England in 1951. She was killed in 1643 in an Indian raid killing in the state of New York which wss in the colony of Mid-Atlantic. Anne Hutchinson fought for women’s rights and she gave many girls and women hope that they might have rights again as shown by this quote, “ From the early Christian era, female activism in religious life gave some women high visibility, thus preserving their voices in the historical record. The splintering of the Puritan movement in seventeenth-century England gave women broader scope for leadership as lay preachers, visionaries, and petitioners. “ ( History.Com ). This quote showed that Hutchinson was giving women hope that they could be something…show more content…
She was a leading figure in the fight for religious tolerance in Massachusetts. After being banished, she fled to Rhode Island where she helped establish religious tolerance in that colony. “ ( E notes, “ The scarlet letter “ ) This quote says that she moved to Rhode Island after she got banished and she was doing the same thing in Rhode Island and showing other people her views and what she believed in. Anne had meetings at her house every sunday with only ladies, so that she could share with them how she felt and the way she thought that her theological beliefs could come true and have women have rights. After Anne got banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony she came to New York and she later got killed by six Indian men.
Hutchinson was not only famous for her religious beliefs and fighting for them but she was also famous for the way John Winthrop portrayed her in his journals that he wrote. The way that John Winthrop portrayed her in he diaries made it sound as if she was a legend and that is the way that many people saw her after that, many people thought that she was invincible and that she could not be stopped at what she believed in. This quote I found showed that many people respected her and what she thought “ To 19th century America, she was a crusader for religious
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