Annotated Bibliography Of The Heart Of Darkness

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Noel Guillen Mr.Nigro English 8/12/17 The Heart of Darkness and the Secret Sharer Annotated Bibliography Zeitler, Michael. “Isolation in Heart of Darkness.” Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature, 3-Volume Set, Facts on File, 2010. Bloom's Literature, of darkness. Accessed 30 Nov. 2017. Early in the narration of the heart of the darkness, it starts as Marlow the fellow sailor traveler that has an adventuress mindset but he is a very quiet and in his own mind. Marlow from the beginning he shows himself as an isolated figure and an outsider who is apart from the other seamen and even within the Nellie of the river he is a very sensitive observer and seems too distinct himself from among …show more content…

Her belief is that the white men go to the regions to benefit upon the savages, but in his opinion, it’s the opposite, where the white men’s view is entirely wrong. His sense of isolation increases when he sees several areas in the Congo. The areas display the failures of the white men’s control and the suffering of the so-called “savages”. He realizes that the cruelty present in the white man creates a barrier between him and the white men living in the Congo. ACHEBE, CHINUA. "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness." Massachusetts Review, vol. 57, no. 1, Spring2016, pp. 14-27. EBSCOhost, Achebe discusses in the fall of 1974 a woman met a man and a professor that taught an English class. This awaked unknowingly man had a huge enthusiasm about the fact on how very young this woman was and if she was a student at the University of Massachusetts. The women replied with a no and with a response of she was a teacher and how she taught African literature. When the women told him that she taught this literature he was amazed by how someone else as him taught the same thing. After this encounter this man conveys to the women he would like to take her course maybe one day and she later receives letters from a few students from Yonkers New York asking about how they need to

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