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Kelsey Ball
English 201
February 1, 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Carlson, Scott. "Is College Worth It? 2 New Reports Say Yes (Mostly)." Chronicles of Higher Education. 60.11 (2013): A25. Web. 1 Feb. 2014. .
Scott Carlson, a talented writer studied English Literature in college and then went on to win first prize for beat reporting from the National Education Writers Association. Not long after in 1999, he joined the Chronicle of Higher Education. While here he wrote a scholarly journal article, “Is College Worth It? 2 New Reports Say Yes (Mostly)” where he discusses the cost and value of a college degree.
Carlson’s article explores different studies that agree that college is indeed worth the investment. He claims that the demand
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32.11 (2013): 44-45, 88-89. Web. 2 Feb. 2014. . Jennifer Grant and Lindsay Anglin both attended Georgia State University in Atlanta. They wrote this scholarly article “Student Loan Debt the Next Bubble?” for the American Bankruptcy Institute in 2013. Anglin and Grant propose that changes must be made regarding the student loans and debt. They claim that student loan debt is at an “all time high” and it is surpassing the world’s credit card debt. They also claim that it is close to the housing crisis in 2008; what was once the housing market bubble, is now the student loan bubble and something needs to happen before it bursts. They also cover the topic of how students cannot claim bankruptcy on their student loans. Unemployment is very high for students right now and this is making it so that students cannot make their payments towards their loans, thus accumulating even more debt that will never go away. Another clam that Grant and Anglin make is that college degrees are no longer promising well-paying careers any more. Students are spending thousands of dollars on a degree that they will never see a return from. I was able to find this article in ProQuest using the key words, “college degrees”, “debt”, and “unemployment”. This article is going to help me in writing my final paper because the sources are very credible and this article is full of helpful statistics that I can use later on.
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