Annotated Bibliography: Segregated Schools

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Student first and last names Course title and number Professor's name Due date Annotated Bibliography Segregated Schools Nappen, Louis P. "Why Segregated Schools for Gay Students May Pass a 'Separate but Equal' Analysis but Fail Other Issues and Concerns." William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law, 12(1), 101 135, 2005. This article was selected to broaden the context regarding segregation. Segregation is traditionally considered with respect to race in the United States. Nappen takes the concept of segregation and applies it to sexual orientation. The author examines the trajectory of segregation of race and segregation of sexuality in an attempt to consider radical changes in the institution of education. This is interesting and valuable because the struggle of African Americans and other non-whites in America has often been compared to the struggle of homosexual or queer Americans. The author discusses the similarity in treated of gays and blacks in society as well as under the law. Orazem, Peter F. "Black White Differences in Schooling Investment and Human Capital Production in Segregated Schools." The Economic Review, 77(4), 714 723, 2003. This author writes about the quality of education with respect to professional success. The author contends that students who are not white receive lower quality education and one of the most important differences in the education is the significantly lower levels of human capital. Orazem argues that human capital is one of
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