Anorexi A Psychologically Based Eating Disorder

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Anorexia is a psychologically based eating disorder in a human, when a person feels extremely insecure of his/ her physical appearance by thinking that his/ her physical appearance is not impressive or socially acceptable at all and gets obsessed & involved in continuous efforts to lose weight. Their weight loosing efforts are not healthy rather are extremely unhealthy in the form of vigorous exercises, imbalanced diet plans & intake and unsatisfying mistaken image of themselves towards them. Their problem is not based on the reality of being as fat as they actually are but of the amount they think they are. Their image of being fat doesn’t come from the mirror but from their own mind so it is a virtual reality. The purpose of their life is just to get thin and nothing else is important to them. But what is more tragic is that their desire is almost impossible to fulfill due the problem of their determined insecurity of never accepting their real body shape. Moreover they always have the fear of gaining wait, so the whole day they keep thinking and deciding what & whether to eat or not. And worst is that they keep regretting the whole day if something, they ate, might get them fatty. So the need is to identify such problems and assessing ourselves, one should realize that he/ she is suffering from such issue. When first person’s (with anorexia) identification, analysis and conclusion is realistic and that person becomes ready to accept it then this problem could…
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