Anorexia Nervosa Is A Serious Eating Disorder

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We are all human, and it is only human nature to want to want to look your best and present yourself in the most becoming way possible. All of us at one point in our lives have wanted to change something about our appearance, if not we have entertained the thought at the very least. We live in a society and culture today that puts a tremendous amount of significance on the importance of the body. Not only from a health and wellness perspective, but more along the lines of having a strong desire to be skinny, or slim. The kind of physical appearance that is often unattainable. Anorexia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder that affects both women and men of different ages. Anorexia Nervosa can be understood and defined when “Patients weigh at least 15 percent less than the normal healthy weight expected for their height. People with anorexia nervosa don’t maintain a normal weight because they refuse to eat enough, often exercise obsessively and sometimes force themselves to vomit or use laxatives to lose weight” (“What are Eating Disorders,” 2015).
In Susan Bordo’s article, she really touches upon how Western culture points towards a completely unattainable idea or standard of beauty. In the article, there are three main axes that account for obsessive compulsions of people with eating disorders. They are the control axis, the dualist axis, and the gender/power axis. When we take a look at the control axis, it is actually just as it appears to sound. It is about control.…
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