Another Cinderella Story

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Politically Correct Cinderella We all know the story about Cinderella who starts out by being simple farm girl. And of course we also know the evil stepmother and stepsisters, and the fairy good mother. We also know about the ending where Cinderella gets the beautiful prince and they lived happily ever after. There is also another version of the story. Politically Correct Cinderella is the funnier and modern parody of the Traditional Cinderella story. Politically Correct Cinderella written by James Finn Garner in 1981. In this essay I’m going to analyze the Politically Correct Cinderella story, and then compare it to the traditional Cinderella story, and finally end it by relating to the concept of “political correctness”. The…show more content…
This story is the modern version of Cinderella because of the terms of words he uses. An example could be where the fairy good person, ask Cinderella if she want to go to the ball, and he make fun of it by saying: “So you want to go to the ball, eh? And bind yourself into male concept of beauty? Squeeze into some tight-fitting dress that will cut off your circulation? Jam your feet into high-heeled shoes that will ruin your bone structure? Paint your face with chemicals and make-up that have been tested on nonhuman animals?” This also shows the funny side of the story, which I also think is the idea, of James F. Garner’s story. He is making it more modern, and more exciting. He also manages to change our view on the protagonist, who in this case is Cinderella. We have always thought about Cinderella, as the sweet, poor and clever girl, but in this version, she appears a bit unintelligent. It can be seen in page 2 line 20, when Cinderella answer “oh yes defiantly”, after the fairy good person ask her if she want to go to the ball. This gives us an impression that Cinderella, doesn’t really think about what he was asking, she just answered. The genre is literary fairytale, because it is written by a writer/author. The structure of the story starts with a setup: where we get Cinderella presented, and the rest of the characters. Then we have the conflict, which is that Cinderella also wants to go to the ball, but she isn’t allowed The story doesn’t fit
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