A Cinderella Story Essay

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A Cinderella Story

When examining adaptations of fairytales you must look at the original source. This can be a very difficult task because with fairytales we never really know where the original came from. I will base my paper on the theory that the original tale of Cinderella comes from the Grimm Brothers version of Ashputtle. In comparison we will examine two movies. First there is the Disney version Cinderella. Secondly we will look at the movie 'Ever After'.

Characterization is an important aspect of any story or film, because it sets what the entire film will be about, and how the audience will absorb it. In the story of "Ashputtle". The characters include Ashputtle = Cinderella, The Stepmother, and the stepdaughters, …show more content…

Cinderella in this film is portrayed as a sweet and innocent child who years to be loved after her father passes on leaving her in the care of a very evil stepmother. The character of the prince was very different then in the first film. In the other film we find that the prince has feelings and emotions, whereas in this film, he is portrayed as a very dedicated man who falls in love and becomes obsessed. The odd thing about his character is that he is not seen very much in the film, it focuses more on Cinderella, and her family and her attempts to go to the "ball". Also it focuses on the fact that the king is forcing his son to marry.

Viewpoint affects many different aspects of a story and film. When we look at the story we read it from the viewpoint of ?Ashputtle?. This viewpoint in the story is Omniscient Narrator = which is "an objective, non-participating all-seeing mind". In the story version the author plays the role of narrator, as he is the one telling the story. In the first film "Ever After" the point of view is told from the first person point of view. First person = describes a character who participates in the events of the story and tells it in an subjective fashion. We see examples of this when we view the film, because when the characters that portray the "Grimm Brothers" come to the palace and then the great, great, great granddaughter of the real "Cinderella" tells the story. The second

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